Aged Care Laundries

An aging population

2017 was the first year in human history which revealed more people over 40 than under 40. Our population is aging and therefore aged care facilities are growing! But so are their complexities and certification processes. Kreussler have therefore created a product and process system called ESDOGEN.


What is the ESDOGEN program? It combines detailed products and service record processes to satisfy the most stringent laundry and certification requirements in conjunction with The “Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

(The Robert Koch Institute monitors public health. Its core tasks include the detection, prevention and combatting of infectious diseases as well as non-communicable diseases in Germany. The institute is also in charge of health monitoring and health reporting in Germany.) Therefore, our core aged care products are RKI listed!

PK Systems "aged care" services.

  • Setting up work flow spaces
  • Machine programming
  • Training
  • Record keeping
  • Detergent supplies and dosing systems
Aged Care Laundry Auckland NZ

Aged Care Laundry
Aged Care Laundry Products
Aged Care Laundry NZ
Aged Care Laundry Auckland
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Aged Care Laundry Services NZ
Aged Care Laundry Services Auckland NZ
Aged Care Laundry Services Auckland
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Aged Care Laundry Products Auckland
Aged Care Laundry Products Auckland NZ
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