Fire & Rescue Protective Clothing

What would we do without Fire and Rescue services?

Each year we are reminded in the news how vital our Fire and Rescue services are. Equally important are the Fire and Rescue protective uniforms. Therefore, Kreussler have created a system that permits the effective cleaning of these uniforms whilst maintaining and/or re-establishing their protective qualities. This system is called Derval Hydrob!


What is Derval Hydrob? It combines highly effective cleaning detergents that also maintain the "High Viz" features of uniforms and finishing agents that are suitable for the treatment of chemical protective clothing according to DIN 32763 and for post-treatment of fire-protective clothing according to EN 469, Item 7.5.

These Derval Hydrob products thus increase the life and integrity of these expensive personal protection uniforms.

Fire & Rescue Protective Clothing Laundry

Derval Hydrob Detergent NZ
Derval Hydrob Detergent Auckland
Derval Hydrob Detergent
Derval Hydrob Detergent Auckland NZ
Fire & Rescue Protective Clothing Laundry NZ
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